Seasonal Specials

Our seasonal specials bring you whatever catch is abundant at the fish market at a really great price.

As well as our usual stock of quality fresh fish & seafood, we have seasonal specials. Getting seasonal fish & seafood means there are more of them available at the docks and therefore can be much cheaper to buy. It’s also a way to sustain healthy fish stocks, which is extremely important.

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Tuna Steaks

These tuna steaks have been hand picked and frozen by us and and are just £3.50 each or take advantage of our special offer of 3 for £10.00 or even better value at 4 for £12.00. Now that is an amazing deal!

Large Luxury Fish Cakes

Our Large Luxury Fish Cakes, including our gluten free ones, are hand made by us using the finest ingredients. Choose from Smoked Haddock, Cheese & Leek, Thai Style Cod & Prawn, Salmon, Cod & Parsley, plus many more. There are two fish cakes in each pack and at £3.25 a pack, 3 packs for £9.00, or 4 packs for £11.00 these are a bargain and you can even mix & match! So why not try a new flavour today?

Fish Cakes

Our fish cakes pack a flavour punch, but at £2.50 for a pack of 2, or 3 packs for £7.00, our prices certainly don’t.

Cornish Sardines (500g)

Sardines, named after the island of Sardinia, are rich in nutrients but you don’t have to be rich to get some with our special offer. Usual price of £4.95 each, but we’ve reduced them to £3.95 each or grab a real bargain and get 3 for just £11.00.

Whitebait (454g)

Try some whitebait deep-fried, coated in flour or a light batter, and served very hot with sprinkled lemon juice and bread and butter. Usual price is £4.95, but we’ve reduced them to £3.95 a pack or 3 packs for £11.00.